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Update of the Library of Latin Texts – Series B (LLT-B)

The Library of Latin Texts – Series B has been updated.

This update includes:

  • works of Erasmus (‘De libero arbitrio’ and an extended version the ‘Adagia’)
  • exegetical works of Denis the Carthusian
  • a first group of the ‘opera omnia’ written by the 14th-15th century French theologian Jean Gerson.


The present version of the LLT-B contains a total of almost 42 million words spread over 6,815 works (including 5,804 diplomatic charters).

Links between L’Année philologique and the Library of Latin Texts

We are glad to inform you that direct links between L’Année philologique and the Library of Latin Texts have been implemented.

These links provide access to the classical texts of Latin authors and work in both directions, i.e. from L’Année philologique to the Library of Latin Texts and vice versa.


Links between a bibliographic record of L’Année philologique and the texts from the Library of Latin Texts

BREPOLiS bibliographies survey

At Brepols, we’re continually trying to make our bibliographies better by improving functionality and adding new content.

We’d like to invite all users to kindly participate in the online survey below and give us their opinions about our bibliographies and how we can improve. All participants have the chance to win a Brepols book voucher of 100 euro. The winner will be selected by a random drawing at the end of 2018.

The survey will take no more than 5 minutes of your time.



Citation Tool has been implemented in BREPOLiS bibliographies

This functionality allows users to seamlessly copy/paste the bibliographical references found in BREPOLiS bibliographies in the desired format (MHRA, MLA, APA, Chicago).

At the moment, this feature is available in L’Année philologique, International Medieval Bibliography, Bibliographie de civilisation médiévale, International Bibliography of the Humanism and the Renaissance and Index Religiosus.