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The Dictionnaire des philosophes antiques is devoted to philosophers and important witnesses of the Greek and Roman philosophical tradition, from the Presocratics to the late Neoplatonists of the sixth century. The articles, prepared by French and foreign scholars, make use not only of literary sources, but also of inscriptions and papyri. In total, 236 editors from 20 different countries have contributed to this unique and large-scale enterprise, which started its first volume in 1989 and consists of seven volumes – including a fifth volume in two parts – and a supplement.


“(…) sans aucun doute, nous sommes devant une encyclopédie savante qui restera la référence obligée pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent aux origines de notre pensée.” (Jacques Sardes, dans: Humanisme, 2012/1 (N° 295), p. 113)

For more information please consult the preface of Pierre Hadot or the original introduction.

key_features Key Features

  • Online version of the Dictionnaire des philosophes antiques (including the annexes and updates), published between 1989 and 2018 by CNRS éditions under the direction of Richard Goulet
  • About 2,970 articles on ancient philosophers
  • Live links to L’Année philologique
  • Available on BREPOLiS as a one-time purchase

slide3 Leaflets

  • French version (PDF)
  • English version (PDF)

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