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How to activate your Index Religiosus subscription in ReIReSearch?

– If your institution is subscribing to Index Religiosus and you are using ReIReSearch from a computer covered by your institution’s IP range, you will automatically have access to the Index Religiosus data. If you are not on campus, you may have to use the ReIReSearch search engine through your institution’s proxy server or VPN-connection.

– If you are an individual subscriber to Index Religiosus, you can request a ReIReSearch activation code with Brepols Publishers. Contact us at to receive a Brepols user token.

– If you are a TNA-user or trainer in the ReIReS program, you can request access to Index Religiosus through your host institution, and contact us at to receive a Brepols user token for ReIReSearch.

How to proceed with your Brepols user token?

  1.  First, create an account on by clicking “Register” at the top of the screen. The only information required is a name and e-mail address.
  2. After this initial step, log in to your account by clicking “Login” at the top of the page of the ReIReSearch website and click on your profile to use the Brepols user token.ReIReS_Brepols_Token_001

For more information about the Index Religiosus, visit this page.

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