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The Database of Latin Dictionaries contains relevant working instruments consisting both of products of modern scholarship and medieval works.

Defining and translating dictionaries

Latin in its entirety

Forcellini’s “Lexicon totius latinitatis”

Our general dictionary of Latin, which covers the entire period from the first attestations until the middle of the first millennium, is the Lexicon totius latinitatis by Forcellini, here in the edition which includes the additions by Furlanetto, Corradini and, in the 20th century, Perin. Mgr. Perin’s addenda have been included under the relevant headings. Here we have the only complete dictionary which has the advantage of completely running from A to Z, indicating long and short vowels, giving the origins of words – particularly the Greek lemmas – and offering translations in several European languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) for a great multitude of words, often enabling users to query the DLD starting from their own language

Forcellini’s “Onomasticon”

If the Lexicon comprises four weighty tomes, the Onomasticon, which was published as Forcellini’s tomes V and VI and redacted by Mgr. Joseph Perin (who equipped it with addenda of his own), consists of two heavy volumes. The integration of the Onomasticon in the DLD is the more welcome because the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae on proper names has only been published for the letters A to D and there are no current plans of continuing the publication of an Onomasticon.

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