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The Lexikon des Mittelalters (LexMA) is the standard encyclopaedia for Medieval Studies and is an indispensable tool for medievalists across all disciplines.

It deals with all branches of Medieval Studies and covers the period from 300 to 1500 AD for the whole of Europe and parts of Western Asia and North Africa. The ancient roots of Western civilisation, as well as neighbouring civilisations, such as the Byzantine, the Arabic and the Jewish, occupy a prominent position in the encyclopaedia. The information of the printed edition has been enriched by Brepols Publishers with English headwords and live links to a Cumulative Bibliography (via the International Medieval Bibliography and the Bibliographie de civilisation médiévale). LexMA is fully integrated with the International Encyclopaedia for the Middle Ages – Supplement to LexMA, a new encyclopaedia offering supplements that complete or supplement the coverage already offered by LexMA.


Key features

  • Content: 36,700 signed articles by 3000 authors, providing unrivalled coverage of the European Middle Ages from the world’s leading encyclopaedia (published 1977-1999)
  • Fully searchable in English and German of headwords and subjects
  • Text fully searchable
  • Multilingual interface (English, French, German, Spanish and Italian)
  • Fully integrated with the International Encyclopaedia for the Middle Ages – A Supplement to LexMA (IEMA)
  • Live links to a bibliography of articles (International Medieval Bibliography) and to a bibliography of monographs (Bibliographie de civilisation médiéval)

Lexikon des Mittelalters: view of an article

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Can be found here (PDF).

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