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Data derived from the Bibliography of British and Irish History.

The Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH) provides records of over 627,600 publications (books, journal articles, and chapters in edited collections) relating to British and Irish history. 

The Bibliography defines British and Irish history very broadly, and includes extensive records on histories of race, empire and migration. 

The following list is a selection of BBIH records that relate to the history of ‘homosexuality’ and ‘transgender & transsexual people’ – two of the terms included in the Bibliography’s taxonomy of search categories, via the ‘Advanced Search’ option: Social history > Social life and conditions > Social life and conduct > Sexual identity and behaviour.

The list offers 498 recent publications in this field. These books, articles and chapters were published between 2010 and 2020, and are ordered by year of publication (starting with the most recently published). Our coverage of recently published titles is ongoing, and further records will be added in future updates of the Bibliography.

Records for journal articles may include a ‘Full text’ link.

This link will take you to the abstract of the article via the publisher’s website. If you have access to a library that subscribes to the journal, you’ll then be able to go straight to the full text (you may need to log on to your institutional library). Some books also have ‘Full text’ links: these connect to ebook or free Open Access versions of the work where they’ve been made available by the publisher.

At this time, especially, we’re also very aware of the continuing challenges facing university students and teachers.

Separate to this listing for LGBT+ History Month, we’ve therefore developed a page of online tutorials — all embeddable in a VLE — that helps you get the most from the Bibliography of British and Irish History, including the basics for searching and how to use your results as well as a behind-the-scenes guide to how the BBIH is compiled. Short video guides are designed for new undergraduates, for those planning and researching a final year dissertation, and Masters and PhD students for whom BBIH is essential for writing a literature review and studying secondary fields of interest.

The Bibliography of British and Irish History is a research and publishing project of the UK’s Institute of Historical Research and Royal Historical Society and the publisher Brepols. Full access to BBIH’s 627,600 records is via subscription: many UK and overseas university and research libraries subscribe and provide full access to members.

1)Leander in the Ottoman Mediterranean: The Homoerotics of Abduction in the Global Renaissance 
Abdulhamit Arvas  
English Literary Renaissance, 51.1 (2021) 31-62 Full text 
2)Camping It up with EMI: The Politics of the Intersection of British Film Production with the Notion of Camp 
Peri Bradley  
Journal of British Cinema and Television, 18.1 (2021) 77-95 Full text 
3)Rochester’s Libertinism and the Pleasure of Debility   
Declan William Kavanagh  
Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, 50 (2021) 319-324 Full text 
4)Escaping court martial for sodomy: Prosecution and its alternatives in the Royal Navy, 1690-1840 
Seth Stein LeJacq  
International Journal of Maritime History, 33.1 (2021) 16-36 Full text 
5)‘A natural passion?’ The 1810 reflections of a Yorkshire farmer on homosexuality   
Eamonn O’Keeffe  
Historical Research, 94.263 (2021) 181-190 Full text 
6)Bisexuality, Multiple-Gender-Attraction, and Gay Liberation Politics in the 1970s   
Martha Robinson Rhodes  
20th Century British History, 32.1 (2021) 119-142 Full text 
7)Sexuality in Translation: Anne Lister and the Ancients   
Chris Roulston  
Journal of the History of Sexuality, 30.1 (2021) 112-135 Full text 
8)The ‘spotting a homosexual checklist’ : masculinity, homosexuality and the British Foreign Office, 1965–70   
James Southern  
in: Precarious Professionals: Gender, Identities and Social Change in Modern Britain, ed. by Heidi Egginton and Zoë Thomas, New historical perspectives (London: University of London Press, 2021), pp. 305-324.  
9)A fire to fill my heart – whose name I dare not speak’: Surpassing Conventional Heterosexuality in Dollie Radford’s Writing   
Hadeel J. Azhar  
in: Rebellious writing : contesting marginalisation in Edwardian Britain, ed. by Lauren Alex O’Hagan, Writing and culture in the long nineteenth century, 10 (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2020), pp. 347-375.  
10)“A Fair Boy, Certain, but a Fool to Love Himself”: Queer Reflections of the Myth of Narcissus in Shakespeare and Fletcher’s The Two Noble Kinsmen 
Hilary Ball  
Shakespeare, 16.1 (2020) 1-13 Full text 
11)Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and a Doctor: Medical Attitudes toward Homosexuality and the Court Martial of Dr. Percy Ryberg   
Matthew Barrett  
Canadian Journal of History, 55.1-2 (2020) 35-64 Full text 
12)Beyond Brideshead: The Male Homoerotics of 1930s Oxford 
Ross Brooks  
Journal of British Studies, 59.4 (2020) 821-856 Full text 
13)The glamour boys : the secret story of the rebels who fought for Britain to defeat Hitler 
Christopher Bryant  
(London: Bloomsbury, 2020)  
14)“An Open and Public Scandal” in the Transvaal: The 1906 Bucknill Inquiry in a Global Context 
J. Y. Chua  
Journal of the History of Sexuality, 29.2 (2020) 135-161 Full text 
15)The Problem of Modern Pederasty in Queer History A Case Study of Norman Douglas   
Rachel Hope Cleves  
Historical Reflections / Réflexions historiques, 46.1 (2020) 47-61 Full text 
16)Local Matters: Queer Scenes in 1960s Manchester, Plymouth, and Brighton 
Matt Cook  
Journal of British Studies, 59.1 (2020) 32-56 Full text 
17)The Labour Party, Feminism and Maureen Colquhoun’s Scandals in 1970s Britain 
Sarah Crook  
Contemporary British History, 34.1 (2020) 71-94 Full text 
18)Queering Kilmainham: uncovering LGBTQ+ stories in a national shrine   
Brian Crowley  
Studia Hibernica, 46.1 (2020) 114-123 Full text 
19)Anne Lister, “A Sundial in the Shade”: A Gifted Woman in the Nineteenth Century 
Anne-Bénédicte Damon  
Women’s Studies, 49.2 (2020) 130-148 Full text 
20)Solicitor Brown and His Boy: Love, Sex, and Scandal in Twentieth-Century Ireland   
Averill Earls  
Historical Reflections / Réflexions historiques, 46.1 (2020) 79-94 Full text 
21)The Story of Mark Weston: Recentring Histories and Conceptualising Gender Variance in 1930s International Sport 
Sonja Erikainen  
Gender & History, 32.2 (2020) 304-319 Full text 
22)The Homosexual Exception? The Case of the Labouchère Amendment 
William Fize  
Cahiers victoriens et édouardiens, 91 (2020) Full text 
23)Jonathan Swift and the Transgender Classroom 
Julia Ftacek  
Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 43.3 (2020) 303-314 Full text 
24)The Literary Afterlives of Roger Casement, 1899-2016 
Alison Garden  
Liverpool English texts and studies, 84 (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2020)
1 review(s)  
25)Arthur Jeffress : a life in art 
Gill Hedley  
(London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2020)  
26)The Reputation of Edward II, 1305-1697 : A Literary Transformation of History   
Kit Heyam  
Gendering the late medieval and early modern world (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2020) Full text 
27)Queer Juxtapositions in the Art of Francis Bacon and Lilliput Magazine 
Dominic Janes  
Visual Culture in Britain, 21.3 (2020) 275-295 Full text 
28)“The Nature of My Love Had Never Been in Doubt…” Christopher St John (1871-1960): Platonic Love and Sapphic Desire 
Jane Mackelworth  
Cultural and Social History – The Journal of the Social History Society, 17.3 (2020) 375-389 Full text 
29)Abortion, Gay Rights, and the National Gay Federation in Ireland, 1982–1983 
Patrick McDonagh  
Journal of the History of Sexuality, 29.1 (2020) 1-27 Full text 
30)Exploiting Ambiguity: Murder! and the Meanings of Cross-Dressing in Interwar British Cinema 
Chris O’Rourke  
Journal of British Cinema and Television, 17.3 (2020) 289-312 Full text 
31)The Letters of Ethel Smyth to Edith Somerville, 1918–1921: A Chronicle of Desire 
Sean O’Toole  
Journal of the History of Sexuality, 29.2 (2020) 253-280 Full text 
32)Sex, law, and the politics of age : child marriage in India, 1891-1937   
Ishita Pande  
(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020) Full text 
33)The history of marriage equality in Ireland : a social revolution begins 
Sonja Tiernan  
(Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2020) Full text 
34)Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives : the Scottish Tory Party, 2011-19  ed. by David Torrance  
(Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2020)
1 review(s)  
35)Early Modern Eunuchs and the Transing of Gender and Race 
Abdulhamit Arvas  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 116-136 Full text 
36)The 1950s : a decade of modern British fiction 
Nick Bentley  , Alice Ferrebe   & Nick Hubble  
The decades series (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019) Full text 
37)Defining “Unnatural Crime”: Sex and the English Convict System, 1850–1900 
Ben Bethell  
in: From sodomy laws to same-sex marriage : international perspectives since 1789, ed. by Sean Brady and Mark (Mark Louis Huckson) Seymour (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019), pp. 57-71. Full text 
38)Playing gay in the golden age of British TV 
Stephen Bourne  
(Gloucestershire: The History Press, 2019)
1 review(s)  
39)The Social Silencing of Male Prostitution in Keith Ridgway’s “Angelo” and The Parts 
José Carregal-Romero  
New Hibernia Review, 23.1 (2019) 122-137 Full text 
40)The Admiralty’s gaze: disciplining indecency and sodomy in the Edwardian fleet 
Mary Conley  
in: A new naval history, ed. by Quintin Colville and James Davey, Cultural history of modern war (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2019), pp. 70-88. Full text 
41)Local turns: Queer histories and Brighton’s queer communities 
Matt Cook  
History Compass, 17.10 (2019) Full text 
42)Transubstantial Bodies in Paradise Lost and Order and Disorder 
Julie Crawford  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 75-93 Full text 
43)Early Modern Tranimals: 57312* 
Holly Dugan  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 178-205 Full text 
44)Unnatural Offenses of English Import: The Political Association of Englishness and Same-Sex Desire in Nineteenth-Century Irish Nationalist Media 
Averill Earls  
Journal of the History of Sexuality, 28.3 (2019) 396-424 Full text 
45)The Age of Attraction: Age, Gender and the History of Modern Male Homosexuality 
Kate Fisher   & Jana Funke  
Gender & History, 31.2 (2019) 266-283 Full text 
46)Flann O’Brien, James Joyce, and the Queer Art of Bare Concealment 
Catherine Flynn  
Éire-Ireland, 54.3-4 (2019) 8-36 Full text 
47)Filthy material : modernism and the media of obscenity 
Chris Forster  
(New York, NY, United Sttes of America: Oxford University Press, [2019])
1 review(s)  
48)Before queer theory : Victorian aestheticism and the self 
Dustin Friedman  
(Baltimore (MD): Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019)
2 review(s)  
49)Toward a Trans Philology 
Joseph Gamble  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 26-44 Full text 
50)Abortive Hedgehogs: Prodigies and Trans Animality in The Duchess of Malfi 
Colby Gordon  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 206-226 Full text 
51)Governing gender and sexuality in colonial India : the Hijra, c.1850-1900 
Jessica Hinchy  
(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019)
3 review(s)  
52)High Culture In Low Company? The Reception Of Ancient ‘Homosexuality’ In The Pornographic The Sins Of The Cities Of The Plain 
Jennifer Ingleheart  
in: Classics in extremis : the edges of classical reception, ed. by Edmund Richardson, Bloomsbury studies in classical reception (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019), pp. 88-100. Full text 
53)Regarding Pratt and Smith, the Last Couple of Sodomites to be Hanged in Britain 
Dominic Janes  
in: From sodomy laws to same-sex marriage : international perspectives since 1789, ed. by Sean Brady and Mark (Mark Louis Huckson) Seymour (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019), pp. 44-57. Full text 
54)Gender and the Politics of Marriage in Postwar Australia and Britain 
Rebecca Jennings  
in: From sodomy laws to same-sex marriage : international perspectives since 1789, ed. by Sean Brady and Mark (Mark Louis Huckson) Seymour (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019), pp. 155-167. Full text 
55)Buggery and Parliament, 1533–2017 
Paul Johnson  
Parliamentary History, 38.3 (2019) 325-341 Full text 
56)Odd men out : male homosexuality in Britain : from Wolfenden to gay liberation, 1954-1970 
John R. Joyce  
(Brighton: The Book Guild Ltd, 2019)  
57)The perverse presentism of rainbow plaques: memorializing Anne Lister 
Simon Joyce  
Nineteenth-Century Contexts, 41.5 (2019) 601-610 Full text 
58)OUT-Ing AIDS: The Irish Civil Gay Rights Movement’s response to the AIDS crisis (1984–1988) 
Páraic Kerrigan  
Media History, 25.2 (2019) 244-258 Full text 
59)You Can’t Argue with God: Religious Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage in Britain 
Steven Kettell  
Journal of Church & State, 61.3 (2019) Full text 
60)The Well of Inspiration: Radclyffe Hall and the Growth of Popular Lesbian Fiction in America 
Kathryn Klein  
Journal of Popular Culture, 52.3 (2019) 606-624 Full text 
61)Dildos and Material Sapphism in the Eighteenth Century 
Ula Lukszo Klein  
Eighteenth-Century Fiction, 31.2 (2019) 395-412  
62)A little gay history of Wales 
Daryl Leeworthy  
(Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2019)
1 review(s)  
63)‘Homosexuality is not a problem – it doesn’t do you any harm and can be lots of fun’: Students and Gay Rights Activism in Irish Universities,… 
Patrick McDonagh  
Irish Economic and Social History, 46.1 (2019) 111-141 Full text 
64)“It’s Poppycock to Say Homosexuals Can Be Excused”: Rethinking the Gay and Lesbian Movement in the Republic of Ireland, 1970s–1990s 
Patrick McDonagh  
in: From sodomy laws to same-sex marriage : international perspectives since 1789, ed. by Sean Brady and Mark (Mark Louis Huckson) Seymour (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019), pp. 183-201. Full text 
65)Unaccountable Form: Queer Failure and Jane Barker’s Patchwork Method 
Alice Tweedy McGrath  
The Eighteenth Century [Lubbock], 60.4 (2019) 353-373 Full text 
66)‘Tory-normativity’ and gay rights advocacy in the British Conservative Party since the 1950s 
Martin Monahan  
British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 21.1 (2019) 132-146 Full text 
67)The Chevalière d’Eon, Transgender Autobiography and Identity 
Marilyn Morris  
Gender & History, 31.1 (2019) 78-90 Full text 
68)Shakespeare’s Transplant Poetics: Vegetable Blazons and the Seasons of Pyramus’s Face 
Vin Nardizzi  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 156-177 Full text 
69)Sodom Island: Pandæmonium and the Botany Bay of Botany Bay 
Mark Peart  
Journal of the History of Sexuality, 28.2 (2019) 263-296 Full text 
70)Trans Materiality: Crooke’s Mikrokosmographia, Sexual Dimorphism, and the Embodiment of Identity 
Jess R. Pfeffer  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 227-241 Full text 
71)The outside thing : modernist lesbian romance 
Hannah Roche  
Gender and culture (New York: Columbia University Press, [2019])  
72)Resisting the power of mea culpa : a story of twentieth-century Ireland 
Gerard Rodgers  
(Oxford: Peter Lang Ltd, [2019])  
73)Transgender Capacity in Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton’s The Roaring Girl (1611) 
Marjorie Rubright  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 45-74 Full text 
74)‘Improper liberties’: soldiers and same-sex encounters in the early nineteenth century   
John Harvey Rumsby  
Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, 97.389 (2019) 137-146  
75)Art and masculinity in post-war Britain : reconstructing home 
Gregory (Art historian) Salter  
Home (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019)  
76)Transdevotion: Race, Gender, and Christian Universalism 
Melissa E. Sanchez  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 94-115 Full text 
77)To deprave and corrupt : obscenity battles in British law and culture 
Catherine Scott  
(Jefferson (NC): McFarland & Co., 2019)  
78)Jodh Singh, The Ghadar Movement and the Anti-Colonial Deviant in the Anglo-American Imagination 
Gajendra Singh  
Past & Present, 245.1 (2019) 187-219 Full text 
79)The Trials of Oscar Wilde (1960) 
David L. Smith  
in: Biography and History in Film, ed. by Thomas S. Freeman and David L. Smith, Palgrave studies in the history of the media (Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), pp. 215-236. Full text 
80)Does this fig leaf make me look gay? Strongmen, statue posing and physique photography 
K. Mitchell Snow  
Early Popular Visual Culture, 17.2 (2019) 135-155 Full text 
81)Transcript of A Keynote from “Kings & Queens 7” (2018): Researching and Interpreting Gender and Sexuality at Historic Royal Palaces 
Matthew Storey  
Royal Studies Journal, 6.2 (2019) 533-47 Full text 
82)‘Outcasts from the world’: same-sex sexuality, authority, and belonging in post-emancipation Jamaica 
Adam Thomas  
Slavery & Abolition, 40.3 (2019) 423-447 Full text 
83)Arguing against Intolerance: Louisiana and Britain in the Early Nineteenth Century 
Charles Upchurch  
in: From sodomy laws to same-sex marriage : international perspectives since 1789, ed. by Sean Brady and Mark (Mark Louis Huckson) Seymour (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019), pp. 31-43. Full text 
84)Racing Gender to the Edge of the World: Decoding the Transmasculine Amazon Cannibal in Early Modern Travel Writing 
Sydnee Wagner  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 19.4 (2019) 137-155 Full text 
85)Homosexual Politics in the British World: Toward a Transnational Understanding 
Graham Willett  
in: From sodomy laws to same-sex marriage : international perspectives since 1789, ed. by Sean Brady and Mark (Mark Louis Huckson) Seymour (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2019), pp. 141-155. Full text 
86)Minding the Rod: Sodomy and Clerical Masculinity in Fifteenthcentury Leicester 
Katherine Zieman  
Gender & History, 31.1 (2019) 60-77 Full text 
87)The fraternity of the estranged : the fight for homosexual rights in England, 1891-1908 
Brian Anderson  
(Kibworth Beauchamp: Matador, 2018)  
88)Henry James and queer filiation : hardened bachelors of the Edwardian era 
Michael Anesko  
(Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)
1 review(s) Full text 
89)Labour’s liberalism : gay rights and video nasties 
Paul Bloomfield  
in: Labour and the left in the 1980s, ed. by Jonathan Shaw Davis and Rohan McWilliam (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2018), pp. 69-89.  
90)Homosexuality on the small screen : television and gay identity in Britain 
Sebastian Buckle  
International library of cultural studies, 43 (London: I.B. Tauris, 2018)  
91)Radical politics and gay activism in the Republic of Ireland, 1974–1990 
Maurice J. Casey  
Irish Studies Review, 26.2 (2018) 217-236 Full text 
92)Anne Lister of Shibden Hall 
Angela Clare  
([Halifax, England]: Calderdale Museums, [2018])  
93)A death in Hong Kong : the MacLennan Case of 1980 and the suppression of a scandal 
N. A. Collett  
Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong studies series (Kowloon: City University of Hong Kong Press, 2018)
1 review(s)  
94)Jeremy Thorpe : a dazzlingly talented man 
Philip Dalling  
(Wellington, Somerset: Halsgrove, 2018)  
95)Illicit and unnatural practices : the law, sex and society in Scotland since 1900 
Roger Davidson  
(Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018)
1 review(s) Full text 
96)Lesbianism and Feminist Legislation in 1921 : the Age of Consent and ‘Gross Indecency between Women’ 
Caroline Derry  
History Workshop Journal, 86 (2018) 245-267 Full text 
97)Bricks and flowers : an Anglo-Irish memoir 
Katherine Everett  
(Bantry, Co. Cork: Somerville Press, 2018)  
98)Good as you : from prejudice to pride : 30 years of gay Britain 
Paul Flynn  
1 (London: Ebury Press, 2018)  
99)Queer Speciation : Or, Darwin On and Off the Farm 
Kathleen Frederickson  
Victorian Studies, 60.2 (2018) 228-235  
100)Queering the Poetics of Race and Nationalism: Yeats, Casement, and Paul Muldoon’s “A Clear Signal” (1992) 
Alison Garden  
New Hibernia Review, 22.4 (2018) 78-96 Full text 
101)Diagnosing sex : Intersex surgery and ‘sex change’ in Britain 1930–1955 
David Andrew Griffiths  
Sexualities, 21.3 (2018) 476-495 Full text 
102)Queer friendship : male intimacy in the English literary tradition 
George E. Haggerty  
(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018)  
103)British colonialism and the criminalization of homosexuality : queens, crime and empire 
Enze Han   & Joseph P. A. O’Mahoney  
(London: Routledge, 2018)  
104)Neo-/Victorian biographilia and James Miranda Barry : a study in transgender and transgenre 
Ann Heilmann  
(Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)
1 review(s)  
105)Masculine Plural : queer classics, sex, and education 
Jennifer Ingleheart  
(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018)
1 review(s) Full text 
106)A curious courage : the origins of gay rights campaigning in the National Union of Students 
David Malcolm  
History of Education, 47.1 (2018) 73-86 Full text 
107)Sightseeing, social climbing, steamboats and sex: Anne Lister’s 1828 tour of Scotland 
Kirsty McHugh  
Studies in Travel Writing, 22.4 (2018) 420-435 Full text 
108)Making Oscar Wilde 
Michèle Mendelssohn  
(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018)
2 review(s)  
109)Perversion by Penumbras : Wolfenden, Griswold, and the Transatlantic Trajectory of Sexual Privacy 
David Minto  
American Historical Review, 123.4 (2018) 1093-1121 Full text 
110)John Donne’s Poetics of Mediation 
Dianne Mitchell  
Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, 18.4 (2018) 73-99 Full text 
111)History’s Queer Stories : Retrieving and Navigating Homosexuality in British Fiction about the Second World War 
Natalie Marena Nobitz  
Queer Studies, 19 (Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2018)  
112)AIDS, Sexual Health, and the Catholic Church in 1980s Ireland: A Public Health Paradox? 
Ann Nolan   & Shane Butler  
American Journal of Public Health, 108.7 (2018) 908-913 Full text 
113)Wine, genealogy and cross-dressing 
Seán O’Halloran  
History Ireland, 26.5 (2018) 28-31 Full text 
114)‘The Foul Conspiracy to Screen Salisbury and Sacrifice Morton’ : A Microhistory of Extortion, Resistance and SameSex Intimacy in Early… 
David Orr  
History, 103.357 (2018) 571-587 Full text 
115)Oscar on the Boards : Playwrights Represent the Playwright on Stage 
Roger Porter  
New Theatre Quarterly, 34.1 (2018) 47-57 Full text 
116)The Church of England, Homosexual Law Reform, and the Shaping of the Permissive Society, 1957–1979 
Laura Monica Ramsay  
Journal of British Studies, 57.1 (2018) 108-137 Full text 
117)“A Door of Hell” : Thresholds, Crisis, and Morality in the Art of Gilbert and George in the 1970s 
Gregory (Art historian) Salter  
British Art Studies, 9 (2018) [s.p.] Full text 
118)Queer communism and the ministry of love : sexual revolution in British writing of the 1930s 
Glyn Salton-Cox  
(Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2018)  
119)Rum, sodomy, prayers, and the lash revisited : Winston Churchill and social reform in the Royal Navy, 1900-1915 
Matthew S. Seligmann  
(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018)
4 review(s)  
120)The obnoxious mobilised minority : homophobia and homohysteria in the British National Party, 1982-1999 
George J. Severs  
in: Tomorrow belongs to us : the British far right since 1967, ed. by Nigel Copsey and Matthew Worley, Routledge studies in fascism and the far right (London: Routledge, 2018), pp. 150-168.  
121)“Two Suns in One Firmament”: John Cotton, Thomas Hooker, and the 1655 New Haven Sodomy Statute 
Sandra Slater  
Church History, 87.4 (2018) 1003-1028 Full text 
122)Working-Class Ideas and Experiences of Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Britain : Regionalism as a Category of Analysis 
Helen Smith  
20th Century British History, 29.1 (2018) 58-78 Full text 
123)Gentleman Jack : the biography of Anne Lister – Regency landowner, seducer and secret diarist 
Angela Steidele  
(London: Serpent’s Tail, 2018)  
124)The 1960s : a decade of modern British fiction  ed. by Philip Tew  , James Riley   & Melanie Seddon  
The decades series (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2018)  
125)Music as Queering in E. M. Forster’s ‘Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson’ 
Tsung-Han Tsai  
Music & Letters, 99.1 (2018) 1-15 Full text 
126)Scenes from the revolution : making political theatre 1968-2018  ed. by Kim Wiltshire   & Billy Cowan  
(Ormskirk: Edge Hill University Press, 2018)  
127)Bad logic : reasoning about desire in the Victorian novel 
Daniel Wright  
(Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, [2018])  
128)Queer city : Gay London from the Romans to the present day 
Peter Ackroyd  
(London: Chatto and Windus, 2017)  
129)Transgender and the Chess Queen in Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess 
Jenny Adams  
in: Medieval women and their objects, ed. by Jenny Adams and Nancy M. Bradbury (Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, [2017]), pp. 248-266.  
130)Kings and favourites : politics and sexuality in late medieval Europe 
Henric Bagerius   & Christine Ekholst  
Journal of Medieval History, 43.3 (2017) 298-319 Full text 
131)Queer British art, 1861-1967 
Clare Barlow  
(London: Tate Publishing, 2017)  
132)Mistress and maid : homoeroticism, cross-class desire, and disguise in nineteenth-century fiction 
Kirsti Bohata  
Victorian Literature and Culture, 45.2 (2017) 341-359 Full text 
133)Fighting proud : the untold story of the gay men who served in two world wars 
Stephen Bourne  
(London: I.B. Tauris, 2017)  
134)Virilizing and Valorizing Homoeroticism : Eugen Sandow’s Queering of Body Cultures Before and After the Wilde Trials 
Fae Brauer  
Visual Culture in Britain, 18.1 (2017) 35-67 Full text 
135)The ladies of Llangollen : desire, indeterminacy, and the legacies of criticism 
Fiona Brideoake  
Transits: literature, thought & culture 1650-1850 (Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press, 2017)  
136)Toupie Lowther : her life 
Val Brown  
(Kibworth Beauchamp: Matador, [2017])  
137)Officers, Shipboard Boys and Courts Martial for Sodomy and Indecency in the Georgian Navy 
Barry Richard Burg  
in: The social history of English seamen, 1650-1815, ed. by Cheryl A. Fury (Martlesham: The Boydell Press, 2017), pp. 89-106.  
138)Alternative histories of the self : a cultural history of sexuality and secrets, 1762-1917 
Anna Clark  
(London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017)
3 review(s)  
139)Queer Colonial Journeys : Alfred Russel Wallace and Somerset Maugham in the Malay Archipelago 
Mark Clement  
Journal of the History of Sexuality, 26.2 (2017) 161-187 Full text 
140)Gay in the 80s : from fighting our rights to fighting for our lives 
Colin Clews  
(Kibworth Beauchamp: Matador, 2017)  
141)Visions of sodom : religion, homoerotic desire, and the end of the world in England, c. 1550-1850 
Harry Cocks  
(Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2017)  
142)AIDS, Mass Observation, and the Fate of the Permissive Turn 
Matt Cook  
Journal of the History of Sexuality, 26.2 (2017) 239-272  
143)‘Archives of Feeling’ : The AIDS Crisis in Britain 1987 
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