Professor Lisa Devriese presents the different aspects of the Aristoteles Latinus project (methodology of making critical editions and the output). This project, supervised and supported by the International Union of Academies, is hosted at the De Wulf – Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy in KU Leuven.

The database Aristoteles Latinus Database offers the complete texts published in the Aristoteles Latinus Series but is not identical to the printed publication, as it omits the prefaces describing the manuscript tradition and the apparatus of variant readings.

The powerful search-software of the database enables the users to undertake enhanced search possibilities:
– by using wildcards and Booleans operators, the user can construct complex search queries
filters are used when, instead of searching through the entire data set, one wishes to restrict the search to a particular Author or group of Authors, a particular Work, a particular Period or Century

View of a search query in the ALD