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This database, published in collaboration with the IRHT, will be an answer to the challenge raised by the proliferation of the current bibliography, by focusing on two criteria: the speed of the data extraction and the analytical quality of the records. The database provides an up-to-date bibliography with very little timelag. It is a bibliography about late medieval authors and texts, and includes the manuscripts cited in catalogues by library collections, by genres, or by authors as well as in editions or other studies.

key_features Key Features

  • Online version of the Bibliographie Annuelle du Moyen Âge Tardif (Brepols, 1992-)
  • More than 115,000 bibliographic records
  • More than 10,000 historical authors, over 48,000 manuscripts, and 60,000 incipits
  • Direct links with In Principio
  • Annual updates
  • Partner: the Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (Paris)

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French version (PDF)

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contact Subscriptions & Contact

Please contact Brepols Publishers for:

  • a 30-day free trial period for institutional users
  • a price quotation
  • details on, or a specimen of, the licence agreement

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Brepols Publishers
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Fax: +32-14-428919

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