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Researching monarchy and coronations in BBIH

On the occasion of the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, we created two new BBIH online reading lists focusing on the history of monarchy and coronations in Britain and Ireland, the first one covering the period up to 1485 (Medieval monarchy – 375 publications), and the second one from 1485 to the present day (Monarchy, Tudor to Windsor – 606 publications).

The lists specifically covers:

  • “Succession, royal”, a subcategory of Monarchy (within Political, administrative and legal history)
  • “Coronations”, a subcategory of Ceremonies (within Other topics)

Professor Philip Murphy and Dr Emily Ward each wrote an accompanying blog post on the IHR website:

Help pack for BBIH users

Over Summer 2020, the BBIH’s editors have created a set of videos that introduce the Bibliography, and show how to use it for teaching preparation and study.

The current set of videos are for:

  • First Year undergraduates studying History, with a focus on Britain and Ireland, the history of British empire and Commonwealth.
  • History lecturers and college librarians, with a focus on using BBIH for teaching — both to find relevant content and enable students to identify and distinguish between different kinds of history publications.

Link to the videos: