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Update of Brepolis Medieval and Early Modern Bibliographies

The International Medieval Bibliography (IMB), the Bibliography of Medieval Civilisation (BCM) and the International Bibliography of Humanism and the Renaissance (IBHR) have been updated. Bibliometric book series profiles are now available. Thanks to this new feature, users can retrieve bibliometric information at the books series level. The new tool can help authors to discover the most suitable book series for their forthcoming publications.

Sources Chrétiennes Online has been updated

In December 2020, the Sources Chrétiennes Online (SCO) database received its last trimestrial update for 2020. It now provides source texts and French translations from 305 out of 600+ printed volumes. Notable additions include the famous Hymns by Romanus Melodus, the Ecclesiastical History by Socrates of Constantinople, Marius Victorinus’ writings, and many others. By 2025, the SCO database will cover all volumes by then published in print in the long-running Sources Chrétiennes edition project.

Update of the Patrologia Orientalis Database

In early November 2020, the Patrologia Orientalis Database (POD) has been updated. It now provides the source texts and translations from all volumes of the print Patrologia Orientalis series that include text editions, up to volume 249 (2019). Notable additions are, among others, a number of Ethiopic hagiographical texts, the Coptic passion of Saint Philotheus, and the Slavonic translation of Athanasius of Alexandria’s second oration against the Arians.