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Sources Chrétiennes Online : first 200 volumes available

Sources Chrétiennes Online (SCO) is the digital and searchable counterpart to the long-running edition project of the Institut des Sources Chrétiennes (Lyon), published by Les Éditions du Cerf (Paris). This first release contains 200 (titles list) of the project’s Latin and Greek source texts and French translations. The total number of editions in the printed volumes exceed 600, which will all be incorporated into the SCO database by 2025.


L’Année philologique (APh) has been updated

L’Année philologique has been updated with 2,000+ records. Furthermore, two new functionalities have been added:

1/ Enhanced design of the hitlist is available providing full bibliographical details and extra sorting options.

APH_new hitlist

2/ Live links with the Dictionnaire des philosophes antiques (DPhA) are now available for subscribers to both databases.


Database of Latin Dictionaries: update

The Database of Latin Dictionaries has been updated on 2/12/2019. New additions include:

  • ‘A Lexicon of Latin Grammatical Terminology’ by Samantha Schad (Pisa/Rome, 2007) and,
  • fascicles 8 to 14 of the ‘Latinitatis medii aevi Lexicon Bohemorum’ (covering the letters D-H).


In all, the database now contains 23 dictionaries, covering the period from Classical Antiquity up to the Middle Ages, as well as a variety of geographic and thematic domains.