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Database of Latin Dictionaries: Important update

We are glad to announce that the Database of Latin Dictionaries‘ new interface has been launched. This change of interface not only allows for more advanced search options (including, for instance, the possibility to look for phrases rather than just single headwords), but it also includes a first version of the Brepolis Latin lemmas, prepared by the Centre ‘Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium’ in order to strengthen the link between dictionaries and attestations in the full-text databases.

If you are already a DLD user and want to know what are the main differences between the old and the new search interface, we invite you to have a look at this short video:

Evolution of BREPOLiS Latin Full-Text databases

Thanks to regular updates, the BREPOLiS Latin Full-Text databases (Library of Latin Texts, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Aristoteles Latinus Database & the Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature) continue to grow at a steady pace. To illustrate this growth, we are excited to share this chart with you.

At the moment (November 2022), these databases offer access to some 180 millions words!

The most exciting is yet to come with the launch of a new interface in the coming weeks. To be continued…