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The Monumenta Germaniae Historica was founded in 1819 by the Gesellschaft für Deutschlands ältere Geschichtskunde. It is without doubt one of the most prestigious editorial undertakings for the critical publication of medieval historical texts.
In more than 300 volumes, covering the widest possible range of historical documents, divided into five major Series (Scriptores, Leges, Diplomata, Epistolae and Antiquitates) and into 33 Subseries, the Monumenta not only continues its editorial programme but it has established for all Western scholarship a standard for critical editions.

Aims & Scope

The powerful search engine developed by the Centre ‘Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium’ and Brepols Publishers allows unparalleled exploitation of this important body of texts, permitting in-depth searches of the corpus. Moreover, the integration of the eMGH into the Brepolis Latin platform offers the opportunity to carry out searches simultaneously with other collections of texts bringing together a total of 16,000 works (Library of Latin Texts, Aristoteles Latinus Database, Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature), and allows the user to search Latin reference dictionaries (Database of Latin Dictionaries).

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key_features Key Features

  • At the moment, the eMGH contains more than 3,700 texts.
  • The interface is the same as for Brepols other full-text databases (Library of Latin Texts, Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature and Aristoteles Latinus Database)
  • The powerful search-software enables the users to undertake enhanced search possibilities:
    • by using wildcards and operators, the user can construct complex search-queries
    • filters are used when, instead of searching through the entire data set, one wishes to restrict the search to a particular Author or group of Authors, a articular Work, a particular Period or Century.
  • Interface in English, French, German and Italian
  • The eMGH are part of the Brepolis Latin platform which is augmented every year and which currently includes four corpora of texts totaling around 16,000 texts. By means of the Cross Database Searchtool, the eMGH can be searched simultaneously with the Library of Latin Texts, the Aristoteles Latinus Database, and the Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature
  • ‘live links’ to reference dictionaries (Database of Latin Dictionaries): a user can select a word found in a text of eMGH and automatically find entries on the word in the constituent dictionaries of the Database of Latin Dictionaries (26 dictionaries available)
  • Advanced search capacities for the eMGH are combined with the possibility of accessing the digital version of each text. Thus, from each search result, a link to the digital version of the corresponding page (along with its critical apparatus) is offered

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The Monumenta Germaniae Historica is included in the cluster BREPOLiS Latin Complete, together with the Library of Latin Texts,  Aristoteles Latinus DatabaseArchive of Celtic-Latin Literature, the Cross Database Search Tool and the Database of Latin Dictionaries.

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‘Live links’ to the Database of Latin Dictionaries

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