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Brepols Publishers remains committed to developing new tools to make its various electronic databases more user-friendly. To this end, Brepols offers the ‘Cross Database Searchtool’.

This interface allows the user to search various Latin full-text databases simultaneously, namely the Library of Latin Texts, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature and the Aristoteles Latinus Database.

As a result, users who have access to these different databases are able to use this common interface to conduct a search of the various corpora.

The search-fields of ‘Cross Database Searchtool’ are Period, Author, Work, Century, and Word-forms, in other words the same fields that are found in the five databases.

Of course, users who want to obtain the best results can continue to search each database individually.

CDS screen

Thesaurus Formarum

As the CDS has access all words of all Brepolis’ full text Latin databases, it is also the ideal place for the Thesaurus Formarum to provide our users a statistical approach to study of the Latin language. The more than 180 million words result in more than 1.2 million unique word-forms that can be studied individually, at text level, at author level, by century or by period.

The Thesaurus Formarum not only provides simple occurrence counting in the enumeration at all different levels, it also gives comprehensive charts, full concordances and different means to compare corpora or authors to each other.

A last but very interesting text study tool is the easy access to the exclusive words. These lists give our users a unique insight into the words that were only used by a specific author or appeared in one text, century or period.

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Webinar ‘The combined potential of LLT and DLD for your research’ (19/05/2022)

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The Cross-Database Searchtool is included in the cluster BREPOLiS Latin Complete, together with the Library of Latin TextsMonumenta Germaniae HistoricaArchive of Celtic-Latin Literature,  Aristoteles Latinus Database and the Database of Latin Dictionaries.

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