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Brepolis Databases on a Timeline

The BREPOLiS platform currently offers access to 24 databases in a broad variety of research areas of the Humanities. Because it is sometimes difficult to clearly identify the chronological demarcation of each database, we have brought them together in a convenient timeline.

A more detailed version of the timeline, including additional information on the ‘Typology’ of the various databases, the languages they cover, or the product clusters they belong to, can be downloaded here (PDF file).

Evolution of BREPOLiS Latin Full-Text databases

Thanks to regular updates, BREPOLiS Latin Full-Text databases (Library of Latin Texts, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Aristoteles Latinus Database & the Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature) continue to grow at a steady pace. To illustrate this growth, we are excited to share this chart with you.

At the moment (November 2022), these databases offer access to some 180 millions words!

The most exciting is yet to come with the launch of a new interface in the coming weeks. To be continued…

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