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The International Medieval Bibliography and the International Bibliography of Humanism and the Renaissance have been updated

6,381 records were added to the International Bibliography of Humanism and the Renaissance and 5,907 to the International Medieval Bibliography. Both bibliographies together with the Bibliographie de civilisation médiévale offer now access to some 974,893 bibliographical records.

Citation Tool has been implemented in BREPOLiS bibliographies

This functionality allows users to seamlessly copy/paste the bibliographical references found in BREPOLiS bibliographies in the desired format (MHRA, MLA, APA, Chicago).

At the moment, this feature is available in L’Année philologique, International Medieval Bibliography, Bibliographie de civilisation médiévale, International Bibliography of the Humanism and the Renaissance and Index Religiosus.


L’Année philologique now Online on BREPOLiS

L’Année philologique is a reference bibliography for academic publications relating to Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization. The bibliography is published in print and online. The online database including all volumes published since 1928, the publication year of the first volume, is now available for subscribers.

For more information, click here.